Fuji ga645zi shutter count software

Fujifilm ga645zi mediumformat camera with its lens hood taken off the lens is an extremely sharp fujinon and it is actually a zoom too. The steps are auto for fuji s barcoded film and then proceed in thirdsstop increments from there. Camera shutter count find out how many shots your digital slr has taken. You really need to know the limitations of this camera.

It is succeeded by the fujifilm ga645i, released in 1997 the ga645 uses a super ebc fujinon 60mm f4 lens while the similar ga645w uses a wider 45mm f5. The steps are auto for fujis barcoded film and then proceed in thirdsstop increments from there. Free shutter count works with any canon dslr camera, but some models might be incompatible. Inside the film door is a 120220 film toggle button, and little red buttons to release the spools when changing film. The stats for this are fairly standard, with a shutter speed ranging from bulb, 2secs right through to 1700s. A point and shoot, fully automatic, medium format camera. Canon 450d canon eos rebel xsi s shutter life is about 50,000 actuations. How to find your cameras shutter actuation count nature ttl. The x100s shutter count seemed to work out at around 6 times the image number i know that various actions other than pressing the shutter button contribute to this. Fujifilm embeds information on the number of actuations that the shutter of a xt20 has undertaken in exif data. Hi, looking at purchasing a fuji x100s, is there anything i should be aware of about these cameras, and to look for going into purchasing one.

Fuji ga645 the awesome film camera american peyote. The aperture range of this camera is from f4 through f9. This fuji fujifilm ga645zi medium format rangefinder film camera comes with its user manual, uv filter, lens cap, protective camera pouch, strap and two batteries. Fuji ga645zi also have canon eos with cannon 3570mm, sigma 70200mm lenses tripod. Unlike some other manufacturers, fujifilm does not provide any indication on the life expectancy of the shutter in its cameras. Some dslr manufactures are saying this model can have approximately 150. Fuji ga645zi pro zoom medium format camera, chrome, 5590mm f4. Shutter speed range of of 2s 1700s, plus bulb though apertures f4f9. Exifreaders, such as the app below, can read this information and, thus, convey how many shots a camera has taken so far. Dont forget theres no rule that says you cant go beyond the max sync speed as long as the shutter curtain isnt obscuring the important part of your image.

Thousands of parts are available for digital and film cameras, lenses and shoe mount flash. These metadata are saved alongside each and every image file. The lens zoom range is very useful giving a significant enough change from wide angle to between normal and short tele. Manual shutter speed in m mode is set by using the secondary adjuster while holding down the. There are two versions in this series, a wide angle as we have here, and a slightly longer version of 60mm, which covers about the same as 37mm.

Waterfall photo taken by placing camera on a wall 2second exposure. It has just a couple of small scuff marks on its exterior. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. We will show you the shutter count of your camera instantly. The two spool lockin buttons typical of fuji mf cameras, and the film rewind button recessed into the base this is a bit dodgy, as placing your camera on an uneven surface could trigger film rewind before the roll is exposed. Semipro models, similar to the fujifilm xt3, are rated for at. The shutter count is read directly from a usbconnected camera, and thus provides accurate numbers that are not attainable with simple exifbased methods. Some third party people might be able to do so, but part supply will be questionable. So getting down to brasstax, in the age of digital sensors and megapixels the fuji ga645 is a. Just simply upload a photo which is taken by your digital camera. A dslr has a mirror that locks up a mechanical part so this can break after xxx time of uses. It uses 120 220 roll film and captures images in a 645 format the ga645zi uses a 5590mm zoom lens with a 52mm filter thread. Canon shutter count software i have verified that the 1d mark iv works with eos count.

Using this application you are no longer required to visit a canon service center to read out the exact shutter count, thus saving you time and money. Panasonic g shutter count panasonics range of lumix gcameras has been steadily expanding since the company launched the micro four thirds standard in september 2008. Looking at purchasing a used fuji x100s, anything to look. Fuji ga645zi owners manual download, owners manual pdf, user manual pdf, 32 page pdf 5. I sent the camera to fuji here in brazil and got it back along with a letter telling me it is a great paper weight. It uses 120 220 roll film and captures images in a 645 format.

With a phenomenally sharp lens and easy to use interface, its a. Know your shutter count with the aptly named shuttercount. It is based on a 7 element in 6 group lens design with a minimum. Vssoutlet staff tests and inspects every item that we sell. I am thinking about purchasing a fuji ga645 that has a shutter counter number of 700. When you are looking to buy or sell a camera, its important that you know the cameras shutter actuation count. I will get a chance to test the camera with film, anything i should watch out. Hi all, ive got a refurbished sl1 and ive been wanting to check the shutter count on it since i received it. Before i attempt to disassemble the entire camera and seek out a similar flat cable to replace this one, does anyone have a better idea. I want to know my shutter actuations, for which i downloaded opanda iexif 2.

Shutter count view the approximate number of times the shutter has been released. The fill flash works in a aperture priority mode at any aperture with a slowest shutter speed of 145. Dont buy a camera off me because i took two photos the other day, several to find exposure and 63 frames on one and over 40 on the other. There is an as mode which allows slow sync with the shutter to fully espose backgrounds with flash for the near camera. I tried two cameras at a rental store today since i dont have a. Other actions may also increment the counter, for example turning the camera off, changing the viewfinder display selection, or choosing playback mode. If the lcd is working, then the letter a will show when the iso setting matches a fuji barcoded films box speed. I searched a few camera parts stores on the web and found no parts for this camera. Looking at purchasing a used fuji x100s, anything to look out for.

Are there any known methods for resetting the shutter count. Please contact a keh photography expert to discuss similar options. Canon 1d mark ii canon 50d canon 5d mark ii canon 5d mark iii canon 7d canon t2i probably some other cameras are. Ideally it should have autofocus and aperture priority mode. Where is the shutter count in fuji menus fujifilm x. This camera is pretty damned cool japan camera hunter. Fuji ga645zi pro zoom medium format camera, chrome, 55. The fujifilm ga645 professional is an autofocus medium format camera introduced by fuji circa 1995. This particular model has a wide angle lens, and covers about the same as a 28mm lens in 5 format. That said, most modern interchangeable lens cameras have shutters that support at least 100 000 actuations. The results from this camera are known to be inaccurate. The way to test it with yours is to increase the shutter speed with the off cam flash and shoot a series of test frames until the shutter curtain becomes visible.

The fuji ga645w was a very modern and expensive camera for the professional photographer, or rich amateur back in the mid to late 1990s. Minimal debian based linux live cd with gphoto2 support. Using portra 400 or fuji pro 400h in bright sunlight, i often need nd grad filters 0. Discussion in medium format started by frank r, jun 23, 2006. For a while now ive been longing for a medium format camera that had an automatic focus and metering system so that i could take it everywhere with me and make quick, high quality snapshots of people around me. View and download fujifilm ga645zi owners manual online. Fuji ga645 wi wide angle film camera wonder american peyote. Originally designed for easy to use technique for users to check their shutter actuation count on canon dslrs. I tried, but the site says it cant find any meta data. View and download fujifilm ga645 owners manual online. Though, none of the methods ive found on here and rphotography have worked for me.

The original g1 was quickly succeeded by a range of mirrorless system cameras that offered different form factors and functionalities, notably the g, gf, gh, gm, and gx product. Fuji has maintained success with digital imaging products, here. Canon shutter count software i thought the 100,000 actuations was a guarantee only and if it failed canon would replace the shutter free, but in actual fact they can fail anytime. Purchased as a backup and auxiliary camera to my pentax 67ii, the fuji ga645 is unique as a medium format point and shoot. Fuji cameras typically display the number of rolls of film shot through the camera. The x100 series is the only one that reports the shutter count in the menus and if fuji has a secret maintenance page with that information like. The range 5590 mm is not that impressive, so while it technically is a zoom, the range is more of a slight framing accessory than a proper zoom. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. The fujifilm ga645zi professional is a autofocus medium format camera released by fujifilm in 1998. I tried some s3 shots that i had here skylars christmas pictures that her mom had taken at a school here and there is no image count available in them.

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